Career has been done to death, and luck, it’s Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence is


The Hollywood star Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence,will not receive more than 200 thousand euros, due to the failure of The Weinstein Company, and have something to say.

The partners of the old company in the course of the film, Harvey Weinstein, are to be found in the midst of a battle with the bank. It was discovered in the a huge debt to the two winners of the golden globe Award for Best actress. According to the documents, the company more than 118 billion euros, Meryl Streep, and in the vicinity of 85 thousand euros and Jennifer Lawrence should. Last month, the company has a list of creditors published, which included names such as John Legend, Jerry Seinfeld, Julianne Moore, Peter Jackson and Pierce Brosnan.

Weinstein has been accused of sexual misconduct, inappropriate behavior and even sexual assault more than 80 women, including many of those in the market. Meryl (laura linney), and she was honest when the lawyers of the company, reported, as part of his defense, revealing positive attitudes that you have noted the manufacturer. However, if the lawyer they used and abused these words of the court, and Lawrence has a lot to say:

To do Harvey Weinstein and his company, what they have always done — take things out of context and use it for your own benefit. This is where the predators are, and must be stopped. Although it has not been the victim of Harvey Weinstein, behind which the women who survived his terrible, terrible abuse, and I thank you for the use what means necessary to bring him to justice, whether through lawsuits or civil rights.

Meryl Streep, after you learn your words, also commented on the matter:

The use of what Harvey Weinstein has in my statement that he was sexually transgressive, or physically abusive in our relationship — as proof that he does not become violent, with many other women, it’s pathetic and exploitative.

Weinstein, in a statement in October to apologize for his behavior, but he continues to deny all of the allegations, the sex is consensual.



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