Check the tips that are based on a movie based on a true story

You use the quarantine to a good movie

We have a list of the movies based on a true story. Some of them were a success in the cinema, while others were discharged directly into the stream.

Check out the list below and enjoy the fun:

I, Tonya (2017)
Cast: Margot Robbin, who received an Oscar nomination for this film. “Me decades” follows the lives of former figure skater Tonya Harding. During the decade of the 1990s, she was able to overcome his poor upbringing and as a champion in figure skating, But it was widely known, as her husband, Jeff Gilloly, and two of the robbers attempted to disable a competitor for the Olympic games in 1994. The film was nominated for 3 academy awards, and received the award for Best supporting actress for Allison Janney.

The rating for 14 years
Available from: Telecine Play, and Apple TV (R$ 32,90).

With The Defeat Of The: Betrayal (2017)
Starring Javier Barden, like Pablo Escobar, and Penelope Cruz, as the journalist Virginia Vallejo, the film, in the early 1980s, when Colombian journalist, begins a stormy love affair with one of the most powerful and feared drug dealer in the world: Pablo Escobar.

Rating: 16
Available on: Netflix, looke around, Google Play gift cards$ 3,90 R$ 19,90), AppleTV (R$ 4.90, are, – R$ 9,90), and Youtbe ($3.90).

Papillon (2017)
The film is based on true events, tells the story of the Papillon, a small thug from the suburbs of Paris in the late 30 s, who was sentenced to life in prison for a crime he did not commit. Sent to devil’s island in French Guiana, he meets Louis Dega, to help a man Papillon promises to, in exchange for help to escape from prison. Fried ” op Charlie Hunnam, and Rami Malek is .

Rating: 16
Available for you: looke around you, Google Play (R$ 6,90 R$ 39,90), AppleTV (R$ 11,90 R$ 17,90), and Youtbe (R$ 6,90).

The Spy Of Red (2018)
Starring Judi Dench, the film follows a widowed pensioner who lives in the suburbs of London. It is held by the British Secret Service, on the proportion of the scientific information will be kept confidential. During the cross-examination, re-lives the dramatic events that were a part of his life.

Rating: a 14-year-old
Available from: Telecine Play, looke around, Google Play (R$ 19,90), AppleTV (R$ 7,90 R$ 14,90) and Youtbe (R$ 19,90).

September In Shiraz (2015)
During the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, and a Jewish family is, you can catch it. You need to flee the country to not be killed by the government, which took power. With Salma Hayek and Adrien Brody.

Rating: a 14-year-old
Available from: Telecine Play-and-Amazon-Prime-Video

Sorrow and joy (2013)
Based on a story the real the happen to the family, the Director is, this is a film that has been selected, to Denmark to present at the Oscars 2014, the book comes with a double bed, this goes through a time of great sorrow. Even with all the grief over the loss of his son, to follow him in his love and power in your own life.

Rating: a 14-year-old
Available from: Telecine Play, Google Play gift cards from$ 3,90 to R$12,90), AppleTV (R$ 4.90, R$ 9,90)

Fists fly, blood: The True story of Rocky Balboa (2017)
The story of Chuck Wepner, heavyweight, heavyweight boxer, served as the inspiration for the series “Rocky”. Before I was in the ring and compete in the fights against Muhammad Ali, Although he was the seller of beer in the city, the state of New Jersey.

Rating: 16
Available from: Telecine Play, looke around the world of the game

The man from the ice (2012)
With Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, Winona Ryder and Ray Liotta, the Film is the true story of Richard Kuklinski, the notorious contract killer and family man told. When finally arrested in 1986, neither his wife nor daughters had no idea of his actual profession.

Rating: 16
Available from: Amazon Prime and the Video game world

The Young Karl Marx (In 2017)
At the age of 26, Karl Marx, set out to for the exile together with his wife, Jenny. In Paris, in 1844, he meets Friedrich Engels, the son of an industrial research and the birth of the working class in England. Dandy, angel offers the young Marx, to complete the missing piece of their new vision, demundo. Between the censorship and the suppression of civil unrest and political repression, and lead the workers ‘ movement, in the middle of the modern era.

Rating: a 14-year-old
Available on: Amazon Prime Video , movies, Play, world Play

Trumbo: Blacklisted (2017)

Nominated for the academy award for Best actor (Bryan Cranston), he plays the screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. With a unique history in Hollywood, even though he wrote some of the most successful films of the era, such as “the Princess and the citizen” in the year 1953, it has refused cooperation with the Committee on the activities of the anti americanas of the Congress, and finally, imprisoned and are not allowed to work. Even if he is released from prison, Trumbo took years to overcome the boycott of the government, suffering from a wide range of issues, with the inclusion of family members and close friends.

Classification: 12 years old
Available on: Amazon Prime Video , movies, Play, world Play

Utøya, The 22. July 2018)
On the worst day in the history of the Norwegian-modern, Kaja having fun with his younger sister, Emilie, that is, twelve minutes before the first bomb came in the summer camp on the island of Utøya, what would be the second terrorist attack by Anders Behring Breivik in a couple of hours, and the one that killed 69 people. Kaja represents a state of panic, fear and despair, out of the 500 young women while searching for his sister in the woods.

Rating: 16anos
Available from: Telecine Play, Google Play gift cards from$ 3,90 to R$19,90), AppleTV (R$ 7,90 R$ 14,90) and Youtube ($3.90)