Coronavirus: Kim Kardashian donates affected a portion of their sales to children and families through the pandemic


Kim Kardashian announced in their social networks 20 % of the profit from the sale of the line gives the ” Cotton famous line bodice and underwear call Skims the emergency aid programme of the Covid-19 – Foundation And Baby2babyto make available the essential needs of children and families with few resources usually.

The media, he said on the post where you can see, wearing a body with pants and white socks (all white) of the line Cotton, with the help of the donation, the mother is families help, especially in these times, it is important for you. And that the money be used for Baby2baby, to buy, diapers, hygiene items and school supplies, and other items of first necessity.

Kardashian responsible for the ads not only in your account of Instagram (where you are more than 163 million fans), but also in the brand of all models from the line of underwear, which she has transformed into a successful businesswoman out of fashion.

A few days ago, the world was shocked, in front of the setting of Rihanna in times of coronavirus. The singer donated $ 5 million for the supply of banks for food, you are in municipalities with high risk in the USA and also for adults and seniors, between other measures to combat the pandemic.

A few hours ago, Angelina Jolie announced that he will donate a million dollars to the organization No Kid Hungryresponsible for the distribution of food and aid to children around the world that need it most.

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Now Kim Kardashian, a woman of the world of fashion just like Rihanna and Angelina Jolie, also makes its contribution.