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Jennifer Lopezalso known as J. Lo or the “Diva from the Bronx” is a singing, actress and dancer, very famous, who rose to fame after a role in “My Little Girl” in 1986. Today is one of the artists, the read recognized worldwide, and for years her love life was one of the topics in the world, in a particularly stormy relationship and quick commitments.

But not if she wasn’t famous, she learned the love from the hand of his first love: David Cruzwho died recently Mount Sinai hospital for a sorrow in the heart, as it pagesix. An officer of the hospital confirmed to them that had nothing to do with the covid-19the current pandemic the world lives and what a lot of citizens locked themselves in their houses.

The relationship between Cross and J. Lo it started in high school, when you had it yet 15 years in 1985. There are very few data on how this first relationship was, but they came to a term of 10 years, until finally, they ended their relationship in the years that the artist began at the peak of their career.

But the friendship they had. Apparently, that many times were in such good condition, Cross she was accompanied on the red carpet, as your great friend, and in fact, in the 2004 after The Heraldshe said that was one of your best friends, and no one recognized him as he is.

After the separation from her I would start, have jagged a love life, while his buddy Isa moved in with her new partner, who happened to 18 years of your life. She has a statement TMZ as your partner until the end of his days that him as a person who is very loving:

He has never clung to anything and she was always very open. He was a devoted father, helped with the education of her stepchildren, who are now in the marina. He loved the Yankees, and the Knicks, they loved to go to the theater with me. My favorite moment was familiar to the night of the appointment, because she was not only special for me, but also for children. Always be sure to finish what with a ‘I love you, ‘”said Isa.


David Cruz was the first love of J. Lo (photo: TMZ)
David Cruz was the first love of J. Lo (photo: TMZ)

Pagesix reported that the office of the coroner of the city of New York, confirmed that Cruz died on Saturday of heart disease in the hospital Mount Sinai the 51 years oldparts at the same time with, that their death is not in connection with the current outbreak coronavirus. Unfortunately, it also gave other details about the circumstances of his death, that he has boarding school, in the above-mentioned medical institution.

Since the end of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, Cross he decided to keep her private life secret, and both he and his wife have no presence in social networks. You don’t know exactly whether to live it this a unanimous decision or simply decided sections from the world of the Internet, to your family.

Up to the time that writes this article, Jennifer Lopez there is absolutely no explanation to the death of her first love. In your Instagram personnel and other accounts in social networks, that you can play disconnected from the world outside with your kids, or by you in your daily tasks.

In view of his romantic past, and the last statement was, to him, it would not be surprising that the “diva from the Bronx“their release in the following days, there was David Cruz who accompanied them on their ascent to glory, as his faithful companion.


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