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The us singer Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato have buried the hatchet after nine years of hostility. Both artists have used their social networks to be replaced messages of encouragement and congratulations. The first step in Lovato, the 27-year-old, who on Monday published the following text: “life is too short to support the women, to other women. Especially when women make good music. Great work”. The exactriz Disney Chanel congratulated, as well as Swift for her new album Lovertheir seventh disc.

Swift, 29 years old, it didn’t take long to answer your partner’s work and thanked them for their kind words and comment on how he felt in this moment: “This is incredible, and I have the biggest smile on my face”. The artist has made it her new album is number one in the United States, will be sold the first female artist with six albums over 500,000 copies in just a week, Billboard.

A recording of messages between Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift on Instagram.
A recording of messages between Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift on Instagram.

Their rivalry began when Swift, a friendship began to close with Selena Gomez, the best friend from the childhood of Lovato. In January 2010, the last autographs in London was asked, as a fan: “How’s Selena?”. Lovato, something is bothering, he answered clearly: “Ask Taylor”. Almost a year later, the artist went in the rehabilitation of drug and eating disorders. Both Swift Gomez sent him messages, your status, but the singer moved away from certain friendships. “There was a time, not to say the I used, that I can wear well with girls, the (…) I think it is because I could not in my life, in the confidence,” said Lovato to the magazine Mamamia in the year 2017 in respect of that day had, as their girlfriends.

A year earlier, in 2016, in an interview for the magazine Glamour, Lovato crashed again against Swift and his group of friends —known as squad— the part of Gomez, and some models of the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. Lovato said that the body of these young people was “a false image of how they look, people should be”. In this article, criticised the fact that Swift so you define yourself as a feminist. “I think they have a song and a video, the destroyed, Katy Perry (singer, had complicated the Swift is also a relationship) is the empowerment of women,” explains Lovato.

However, both artists also have a white flag, and occasionally in the middle of the conflict increased. As in 2013, when Gomez published on his account Instagram, a picture, a conversation, a video call, the to the own Gomez and Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato.

Other critical moments for the bad relationship between Swift and Lovato recently took place, in may, when the exchica Disney signed a record deal with Scooter Braun, the former representative of the Swift, with those accused of bullying. This popular producer that he is other artist like Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber, bought in last June’s record label, Machine Label Group for us $ 300 million (around EUR 273 million), so owners of the first six albums of Swift is now. It is an operation that the trainer plan for years and has led to the singer to decide to burn media on these data.

However, Swift and Lovato have signed the peace only a few months after this incident. The first is the success with their last work, while the second will be published in preparing your next year in addition to their return to the world of acting.



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