Government: the Governor emphasized the social role of the churches in the Convention-Baptist


The Governor, Carlos, mass-mouse, Junior, pointed out this Tuesday (the 18th), during a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Baptist Convention of the state of Paraná, in the social activities of the pastors and their members are not in favor of the poorest. At the same time, in a solemn ceremony in the regional Legislative Assembly, the Post office issued a commemorative stamp to celebrate the centenary of the institution, which marks the meeting of nearly 400 churches and 50 million people.

The Governor, of the religious communities, such as the Baptist Convention to reach the people who answer the authorities, the state or local level, have a difficult time. “The churches in General, and the invisible,” said the mouse, Junior. According to him, the churches and bring the word of God, but also social skills, and leads people on the path of goodness. “If you have this job, possibly for the difficulties of the country would be much higher,” he said.

This Junior also pointed out that the ceremony in memory of the 10. Day of July, 1919, when the five churches in the state, and three in santa catarina have joined to the Convention, it was a recognition by the legislature and the Executive for the services to the company. “The Baptist Church, for their mission to the gospel, but it is also a great work of the social control system, is able to spread to other areas of the company, and the other churches, for the cooperation on this project,” he said. The Governor said that the state, to work with you, what you need for this job, and that the municipality should be a consultant for the government.

A TRIBUTE The award was suggested by a member of Parliament, a singer, Mara Lima, one of the leaders of the Evangelical caucus. The legislature showed in his exhibition in the Baptist Convention, a variety of social services in the cities of small, medium and large-across the state. “The Convention, of the Baptist Church is the ideal. It works for the benefit of the community, spiritually speaking, and also on social inclusion. It is a partnership between the state, because he has said in favor of the poor, the needy, and shows the way of the good,” he said.

Pastor Geremias Correa Jr, the President of the institution, said that the PBC acts as a kind of partnership between the churches, the contain itself, but in one direction, on the support of the community. “The churches need to be relevant to be in the cities in which they serve the community. On. thank you. we manufacture baby diapers for the elderly and for the elderly. In Curitiba, there is a tremendous amount of work with drug addiction and is on the coast and in other areas we have worked in the field of Sport with the young people,” he said.

Helen, Anne, As the Wall 94, she was the daughter of the founder of the Institute, William Butler, was also the honor at the meeting of the Legislative Council. According to her, in the past the Church has looked very much to himself, but now he refers to the community and the teachings of Jesus Christ. “If you have a child, don’t you think that is what your father stands for the people. I was so excited because it is the honor, you recognize the importance of the work he developed in new york,” he said.

The SEAL The head of the Post-offices in new york, Paulo Cezer Kremer of latter-day saints, also presented at the awards ceremony, the commemorative stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Baptist Convention of the state of Paraná. It is in the correspondence of the churches of the denomination. The piece is stamped with the number 100 on the characteristics of the state, such as the araucaria forest and fields, in addition to the forms of water, the translation of the visual of the baptism of the Baptist.

The STORY – A history of the Baptists in new york, begins with the first preaching of the gospel, by Samuel Pires de Melo in September 1902. He began his career on a mission in Santos (são paulo state), and at the beginning of the 20th century, you moved to Brazil.

In 1910, Samuel and the Baptist Convention, the National, because his work has brought the four churches in the coastal city. sought In 1919, these communities and the state, and to the three churches in santa catarina come together and form a Convention, which came later, only on the edge.

After the pastor Nivaldo Aparecido training pants, 3. Vice-Chairman of the PBC, the work of the society began at its inception, millions of people are missing from time to time. “There are reports that there is a space in the Annex to the Church in search of a school for the poor of the city. The studies show that it is always at the Convention for a look at the social and educational aspects. She was born this way,” he said.

They are wax of the 400 churches on the whole state. In the Large city of Curitiba, there are about 125 churches and receive support from the Convention for the theological education by the school, a Baptist and a passage home for the recovery of drug addicts.

In the PRESENCE of – The one were there to honor the Lord. Tito Campos de Paula, the Vice-President of the Regional Electoral Court of the state of Paraná, the members of the state, Gilson de Souza, Alexandre Caldas, Jonas Guimarães, Colonel Lee, and a soldier on Hadrian’s Joseph and the shepherds, Paschoal Piragine Jr, from the First Baptist Church of the WEST, and Roberto Silvado, a former President of the Baptist Convention of Brazil.

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