Hospital in case of emergency, the singer Miley Cyrus


The American singer Miley Cyrus had to for the urgency, yesterday, allegedly due to a complication of tonsillitis suffered for several days.

On your account Instagramthe interpreter “Party up the Street“the song from her latest album, “She is coming“together with its more than 100 million fans pictures of their stay in the hospital.

Last weekend, Cyrus, he sent a statement in which they called for respect and freedom, about his personal life and his actions. Yesterday, from the bed of the nosocomio, the singer with a sense of humour, his stay takes, count documented the entire process.

In one of the messages that would also like to thank the actress of 26 years, her mother, he came, accompanied in the hospital: “How do you define yourself, as you feel. Thank you mom, for the support that this small wrote seen sick cepillándome hair, Tish Cyrus look a bit better, you’re the best mama”, alongside a “selfie” that his mother peinándola.

More photos will be uploaded, which the artist sees him in bed with a whisk to the hospital, and a vein in the left arm. Alongside the image she wrote: “I’m going to try to be healthy, to reach as quickly as possible Gorilla Palooza with Ellen DeGeneres, Portia of Rossi and Bruno Mars this weekend. You send me in a good mood. Wait for the rockstars give me forces, and support me. We have to save the gorillas”.

The text refers to the gala takes place this weekend, with the purpose of donations for the conservation of species in danger of extinction.

During your stay in the wellness center, the singer received several visits, among other things, the Cody Simpson, and seen a lot in the last time after their break with the influencer starring kaitlynn Carter.



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