How to 6 week task 2 Chapter in Fortnite? The Next Pranks Mauśniaka


Player Fortnite always get a Set of several tasks for which you additional experience points.

A week ago, the players have the first week Successfully Mauśniaka, now. In General, it is already half way throughout the season. 12 season runs much faster than the previous one. Players only use one of them, because the want to the closest major changes and Updates of the game.

Pranks Miauśniaka – Week 6

This time, again for the fulfilment of the tasks Miauśniaka. For each of them to 40 receive a total of 000 experience points, which is really much a dead amount.

  • Search chests on the farm anger, or in chimneys Kurzących
  • You ask damage the players in the use of assault rifles
  • Search the chest within 10 seconds of arriving, after the jump out of the Bus attack helicopter
  • You ask damage the players, fly in the Choppa
  • Wyłów weapons, glass and fish
  • Kill the enemies on the boat or in the Salty Strzechach dogs-Buda Destroy
  • Block grenade damage-builds evil plans
  • Dance on the Bay of kayaks on Cape cod and in the rainbow skin of hire
  • Use Kurzących tubes, tyrolki and hidden passage in a game

Problems is not difficult if you know where to look. All the locations are added to the bottom to 15:00.

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