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More than 167 million followers Kylie Jenner in Instagram stood with open mouth in the photo published, like a story, which is no longer available. This, as explained above, to the holders to be included in the bath.

In the picture you can see the legs, the entrepreneur, the immersed in the water and surrounded by foam. Kylie Jenner she wrote something on the photo.

Quickly, dozens of users recording and re-viral in different groups of downloaded fans on Facebook. Several stated that the mother of Stormi Webster it was very brave of you to disseminate such a picture.

This is the photo that Kylie Jenner rose on Instagram Stories. (@Kylie Jenner)
This is the photo that Kylie Jenner rose on Instagram Stories. (@Kylie Jenner)

Kylie Jenner has once again proved that she is a girl, the challenges of the world. I just hope that’s not you close the account by publishing this kind of photos,” said one of them.

Some Internet users also reported that it is possible that Kylie Jenner they share similar content in the coming days. Only had to wait.


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