Jennifer Lawrence star in the Comedy, apocalyptic, from the Director of ‘Vice’ – 19/02/2020


Jennifer Lawrence comes to the application is coming soon. The star was chosen to star in “Don’t Look Up,” the Comedy from writer and Director Adam McKay’s”The Big Beat”, “Deputy”) to the streaming platform, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The United States is to play, to discover one half of a couple of scientists that a giant meteor will collide with earth in a period of six months. However, if you show up, alerting you to the world of the press, and the two of them are met with derision and disbelief.

The series the other studios, fight for the project have been won. McKay said that the distribution of streaming, it only increases your expectations for the film, “This is a Comedy that on a global level”.

Lawrence, on the other hand, is preparing for his big return to the big screen. Far from the “Operation Red Sparrow” (“X-Men: the Phoenix is published the Black”, but in reality, to many in the past), in 2018, he already has three projects in a trigger of the next few years.

In addition to that “Don’t Look Up” is, it is in the film, as yet untitled Purple Neugerbauer, Director of the acclaimed drama, the distributor A24 (the company responsible for the “Moonlight”, and “Midsommar”, the other titles).

After this, Lawrence is still the major role in “Mob Girl” by Paolo Sorrentino, about a criminal who turns informer for the police.

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