Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez test their relationship on Instagram with this challenge for couples




During the quarantine, many are the challenges that you will begin to emerge through the corridors Instagram to entertain us. We have seen that you give a stick MOP, hand delicate on a roll of toilet paper or the to increase the our friend nominaba our photo when we were small, when he was Cindy Crawford with your teenager. Now, fresh from Tiktok, the challenge that’s ideal for couples: couple challengethat you are going through Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

The pair with his outfits quarantine-more sports, because in front of the camera, in order to compare answers to different questions about your relationship, * with himself and the others try to who did what first or who is more or less what. Everything with eyes closed. What is the result? A video what’s more fun, you have shown that, even if not always agree, know quite well.

The couple of 14 questions which time has answered a total of in eight answers. But what is even more interesting, all of the data, which have been shown about their relationship, the unknown. For example, Jennifer was, gave the first kiss, but Alex the first to say “I love you”. Alex is the most romantic (though Lopez already had a reservation), Jennifer is the best cook, the wayward, the, the you spend, the more money and the longer it will take care of the body in the morning. Yes, you can’t seem to agree who apologizes after a fight, the worse is sick, who is funny, who is more patient, overcharging more grumpy in the morning-or more.

It is not true that, in spite of the insulation, the partners are bored, nothing. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have an inexhaustible source of resources and creativity discovered in Tiktok and their children do not get bored, not for a minute, to play, to play baseball, like her son Max, by as a waiter on a hoverboard. Because someone has more?



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