Jennifer Lopez follows at the last dance of Tamara hat: “it’s very heavy!”


Tamara Beaniewith more than 1.5 million followers on your account of Instagram, now has one last challenge viral: mimic Jennifer Lopez. What is ‘influencer’ is not expected is that the snapshots would be up to the us-American artist.

“Sport is at home, practice the challenge of @jlo for an hour until she comes. And if almost, what you have, you disfrazas of you and think you are a diva. They come! We separate a little, and try the dance. What are you doing?”, wrote next to the video, which already has more than 795 thousand of reproductions.

Hours after you showed this post, Tamara, that Jennifer Lopez had him with me and even shared their dance was like in it’s own profile in the same social network. “I have to in the stories-a diva is very heavy! Yes, to me, makes it fun for me,” he said.

The man of la segoviana, Ezequiel Garayalso, it has dared, with this ‘challenge’. “It is amazing that my knee limited me to the steps, but she lets me dance. Are you laughing at me or with me? GOAL achieved”, was the comment that you selected, accompanied by a ‘post’.



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