Kanye West loves Kim Kardashian, is planning the construction of a garden of urine on his ranch


With the garden of the urine, rapper the of human resources for the cultivation of plant foods wants to turn,

Last year, Kanye West and convinced his wife Kim Kardashian for the payment of a sum of money is substantial-it is rumored that in the vicinity of $14 million dollars in the purchase of a large ranch is located in Wyoming and totally isolated from any urban center. A few months later, were in a second area, which is in the same area more than like the celebrity, as it is with all imaginable amenities from the land of saunas and cabins for the guests.

Now the plans of the rapper, he has expected the interior design of your new passion for these properties, you convert your second home so far away from Los Angeles came to the light of day. According to the new article that is dedicated to you, revealed to the WSJ magazine, Kanye is planning an ambitious reform, with the help of the architect Claudio Silvestrin, as well as the artist James Turrell, known for his use of light and space as a means of expression.

One of the priorities of the musician occurs through the construction of sustainable by a recycling system for waste and, with this goal in mind, you want a garden, vegetable garden, a vegetable garden, a pond and something that he defined as a ‘bio-create a pool of’ along his talk with the above-mentioned publication.

Kanye also human waste, has shown how the magazine ” the chart is placed in a ‘garden of the urine’, to you for the cultivation of plant foods.

This project is on the other hand, shaped the perfect excuse to save the aesthetics of the prototypes of houses futuristic dome, to build that she had started in the rear garden of his mansion in Hidden Hills and the like, and a few months ago due to a breach of the regulations for public works. These constructions are closed in an environmentally-friendly system or ‘biodomos’ generates energy and allows the water to collect on his ranch.

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