Katy Perry assumed her baby bump in the middle of the crisis by coronavirus


Since she announced her pregnancy about a month ago, Katy Perry has not ceased to boast of your beautiful belly pregnant although you have to take some risks extras.

The singer it was recorded in a quick departure for the supermarket, in the middle of the quarantine-social, by the pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19he is wearing a sweatshirt wide with a hood and a pair of pants, sport, sticking out your outfit, your baby bump.

Although she tried to remain unnoticed, photographers, and many people on the site that they recognized and took advantage of the opportunity to try to come closer and talk to her, you can be excited and the fans.

Shoes, a pair of sandals, house, chose, made, used, a couple of glasses of dark to hide his identity, but nothing helped. Tools in local languages, Katy five minutes spent in the queue to pay, their food, and went from there in a cart directly to your home.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are going, together, these moments, in quarantine, taking care of the first child of the couple. Katy is waiting for the resumption of the live recordings of American Idolprogram where it belongs to the jury, in addition to Lionel Richie.

Orlando Bloom was filmed a movie, when the production was stopped by the quarantine of the coronavirus.

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