Katy Perry pushes the Christmas with her new video ‘Cozy Little Christmas’


December is here, and the spirit Christmas because there are several grabbed, for example, Katy Perry who adorned themselves of the candy cane and your hair with balls for your next shot.

Through the social networks, the singer was Christmas gift in advance for your fans: revealed the video Cozy Little Christmas and ready for many more surprises.

The eyes of Taehyung have a very special meaning

Katy divided the teaser the official video shows a big party, Good-night-surrounded by stuffed animals and todoala excitement of the holidays düsseldorf. The fans are very excited, because they had to wait a year, to music-clip, also Katy again, her beautiful, black hair. YASSS!!

Also, the singer announced that as of today, and the next 24 days s revealorpresas on a daily basis to his fans from his official website. So if you are a Grinch, Katy you will this bad mood of Christmas.



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