Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a surge of strong together


Kanye West admitted that is addicted to pornography a few days ago in an interview, while promocionaba your new material, label: ‘Jesus is King’. This happened shortly after the rapper him a millionaire’s gift for Kim Kardashian birthday number 39: an incredible donation to charitable foundations, to support the two of them. Therefore, only a few can imagine that the famous couple had a strong showdown recently.

Why? Apparently the views of Kim and Kanye for the education of her daughter North West were very different and it bothered him, if us-American singer.

In one of his last interviews, Kim Kardashian said that Kanye called you a few months ago to create the North (his daughter 6 years, of not just his debut as a model on the catwalk) is maquillara and tested clothes very daring for a girl of her age.

‘North try, start wearing makeup, but she is always clogged for some time yet, because her father, the make-up has forbidden for you until it is a teenager… Is it a big discussion, a big fight in our house but now is the best. I think, as a father, only you learn and you choose the on-the-go, and we realized that they really want you to use makeup at an early agebut she sees her mother, a pen and lip gloss’, said Kim, the strong influence on the desire of your daughter-make-up, however, it seems that after a few clashes with her husband, she changed her mind and gave in to the requests of Kanye.



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