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United States Of America.- Kim Kardashian become, the white of the page-critical Internet tantrum their followers with their initiative to support the most affected by the crisis coronavirusaction was as an attempt to enrich with the warning in the healthcare system.

Through their social networks, the star of the reality show fans invited to buy some their productsin order to ensure that the 20 percent is donated to a non-profit organization to support and to those who need it in these difficult times.

The answer to his proposal was brutal and negativeas Internet users, the blame, take advantage of the situation and not sensitive with those who suffer, and more of the pendemia.

Some harsh comments that were received Kim Kardashian:

You have money, more than enough to win millions, to deceive without people to buy your bad things, rather than trying to profits from the misery of other people, if you will excuse the the rubbish that you have profits and aid, without waiting”.

Ok, but why not make donations of any kind? You have more than enough. Doesn’t put you in danger of buying on the drivers of the delivery and the service staff for someone’s underwear is 50 dollars”.

People are dying, and he is only concerned about himself, and has people delete comments when you should be with your families during this time.”

Like millions of people do not have a job and you are asked to purchase their products in order to surrender a small 20 percent? Because if not, you got the same people that encourage you to buy your things, people without work to fight against the basic needs (…)”.

Donating money directly and not try to advance your business and encourage people who are struggling to buy during a global pandemic clothing should”.

Up to the moment, the has not answered, the wife of Kanye West, the critical news, and arrested for their initiative,.

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