Kim Kardashian revealed trick Photoshop-daughter

The sociaité Kim Kardashian he shared it in your social networks an incredible Christmas card of the family’s West-Kardashian, a few days ago, he received thousands of criticism due to the excessive use of Photoshop, but this time the trick has not been applied to eolla, but his daughter is the biggest.

The businesswoman was in an interview on the program, under the direction of Elllen DeGeneresin the Kim Kardashian he took used the tool Photoshop.

But it was not, as you can imagine, this time Kim is not in use, the retouching, to thin or not to disappear, something that she liked. Kim said that the reason why they used the controversial tool was for the inclusion of the small in the post.

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The result was that the day that the whole family tomarfse the photography had been considered, the small felt good and he didn’t want to leave.

However, the next day, the girl, as she felt better, and she told her mother that she wanted to Yes, in the post, so that the photographer had to retratarla alone and then do oligada digital output Photoshop for inclusion in the family.

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The magic of the technology it is to repair always helpful moments, or a few beauty tricks or so. There are, however, know that you can use it to be the result of perfect or to not be aware of.

Thanks to this type of technology, which is already many years on the market, the eldest daughter Kim Kardashian could the photo appear together with the whole family Kardashian Clan.

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The oldest daughter in the Kardashian Clan, has always attention by his brilliant publications, this is the case, if a photo shared on his official Instagram, where looks quite different than usual look.

Known as one of the celebrities will always be in fashion and a characteristic, breathtaking hair long and straight on this occasion, everything changed for him.