Kim Kardashian vs. Taylor Swift, the dispute goes on


10 years have passed since Kanye West and Taylor Swift began their strife in the MTV Video Music Awards and arch-rival would, also devoted themselves to speak entire songs, or to defend each other.

And everything is happen again. Swift did not forget to live for the event, and those who have done the rapper and his wife, and less to the recording of the name of the deception in front of millions of fans, if he would have accepted that means that you would have to call you back “Fox” in the song Famousfrom Kanye to 2016.

On this occasion, Taylor had informed, was this word on the topic, although allegedly had asked him. Now, with the filtration, there is a video where you can hear the complete conversation between the two musicians. In the past, it was suggested and named in public as the “viper” in the industry, but the blonde was always right.

You are to never call your consent “fuchs”. Not even the rapper he was to mention. West is easy,” warned the next verse could, to hurt you: “I Feel that Swift could give me duty sex”. But the singer, took to evil, and thanked that it is not pejorative: “Oh, my God! I need to think about it, because you know that if you need something for the first time, think about it. But it is absolute madness. I am glad that it is not derogatory. I don’t think of this as a pejorative. But, my God, the expectation that you have created. I thought I would be something like: ‘This is a stupid slut and stupid’. But it is not”. Finally the subject came up: “I Feel that Taylor and I let’s go to bed / why? / Because I’m famous, that bitch”.


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The video clip was even controversial, appear to pictures Hyper-realistic, Swift, and other celebrities together naked to sleep.

The answer is mainly on the problem, and in the center of the quarantine in the world, was a petition, and pay attention to what is important. In your profile of Instagram, the interpreter What you make me do has a link for donations-profile shared The world health organization for the financial support of this crisis.

You have the party is over Kim Kardashian is?

And, as usual, who Kanye defended in social networks about this topic, his wife is Kim. This suit is three, and they did not hesitate to give your opinion in Twitter. The millions of fans of Swift, used by the network to defend itself, with the hashtag #KimKardashian Isover partywith more than 82 thousand comments and the invitation to tweet. She said: “you decided to reactivate an old problem, that in this time, the number of tweets feels very selfish in the face of the suffering that millions of actual victims in this moment” began. You said that you never denied that you insulted the word “bitch” would in the song, but then he felt. Also, they apologized and said that it was edited in 2016, never the full length video now rad on the internet, only that they published his truth in fragments on Snapchat. Who is right?



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