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New section 10 photos, you lose dedicated to and show photos and videos from our favorite artists in the social networks that you would like to see (or remember, if you’ve already seen). Today, how can not be otherwise, we concentrate on the different forms in which the famous lives and reacts to the confinement forced by the pandemic, the COVID-19, which, as we know, the United States, and in order to pop-stardom.

Katy Perry: hot hunger on

As we know, Katy Perry all the maternity has you caught in the middle of the pregnancy, with all that this brings. If the changes, which lives on physical, emotional and hormonal to expect from a pregnancy, the childbirth, normal,, neither, on any given day. But who cares, as long as cucumbers in the pantry?

Hannah Montana the pandemic predicted

We already know that The Simpsons are the Nostradamus of our time, but in the case of the crisis of the coronavirus and the social isolation that was ahead of you with nothing less than Miley Cyrus when she was still Hannah Montana, lived scenes really in the panic that was by playing things real. You will recognize that sense, so on day 2 in quarantine.

Diplo-adjusted basis, your business were stolen;

The crisis in health care is dramatic and generated monsters and villains of people, the escape, the birth, or the situation. Like Diplo, the man seen has tried to trade in goods of the first necessity, scarce and valuable time. We know it because it will be hard to stop bowling, Wes, but how about a couple of inches of scruples?

I’m With You arreglá but protected

Just the gloves and masks, protectors are one of the elements that the protection sought, in spite of the warnings of the authorities, not acapararlos are not to be applied unnecessarily. Therefore, some, love how Good my remains nothing else left, the apañarse with what is at home. But even so, pintona goes, the aunt.

Ms Nina combs, the “coronarruina”

Some of the artists that has this whole mess you caught in the middle of the tour. For example, C. Tangana, in these moments, we don’t know if you are not from Mexico back to Germany– or Ms Nina. The Argentinian artist, based in our country (the latest news is already here) was just started, a tour in the United States, which is now gone fart, him feelings found. With his message “CORONARRUINA and Conchaa your mother, we are I the rod will cagaste , everything is good to go” perfectly describes what we feel, many now. The combs, also.

Want to inspired Smith, a hit

In their castles, many artists capsizing are to offer measures in the budget to stimulate and entertain the people. And others try to kill the time by creative. Is the case of Will Smith –it’s good of him, and the team has made, the theme and the video, as with a stupid and easy chatter, and the movement of the camera, we tried to have a of the times, on the absurd/at all to this crisis. Now, compared with Shakespeare and his ‘King Lear’ as it is to cross, isn’t it?

L-Kan & life, the crossover

There are also many, we are giving away there songs, under the motto of the coronavirus and the inclusion, like Joe, Twilight, or L Kan. Exactly, this could be a crossover more bizarre and unusual pop-German: the couple “the trio” from madrid, the input directly into ‘Viva la vida’ by Telecinco, for a conversation with the Gema García of the new ‘I’.

Madonna celebrates 30 years of the “en Vogue” … or something like that

In these days of imprisonment with forced labour, Madonna is a lot to give, talk with your video diary in quarantine, which is the extension of the character of Madame X, sitting at his typewriter, drinking tea by candlelight, while listening to the music of Brian Eno and Charlie Parker. Although, truth be told, almost better that way, is a tribute to a tribute, of dubious taste of ‘Vogue’ for its 30-year anniversary. Turn your chorus with a hair brush as a micro– “we eat fried fish,” is a cause for concern.

Cardi B, no one at the wheel

Even if Madonna is a mystery, what Cardi B is almost disturbing. After they helped one of the hits of the viral (never better said) on the COVID-19, in which the boredom (although with so many mice, the boredom must be a relative term), the author of ‘Invasion of Privacy’ leaves activities of such dubious safety of how you play Jenga with the head. That had to hurt, but the blow has led to throw a speech, the in line on the health care system in the United States and of the privileges for famous compared to the normal people. There is no evil that will come.

Best Coast rescue

It seems obvious that the confinement we all a little touched wings. Aware of the personal problems you had to overcome, Bethany Cosentino, who in the last few years –reflected in the new album of Best Coast’s “Always Tomorrow” – this has offered, the support is by telephone, every Wednesday, who need psychological support or just to chat and blow off steam. The happy invention could not have another name, “Bethline”.

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