Meghan Markle, he got his first contract payment to the renunciation of the crown –

The cooperation of the Duchess of Sussex is a documentary film of Disney, premiered on 3. april, benefit the NGO elephants without borders

Meghan Markle new screen girl. It revealed on Thursday that the Duchess of Sussex has lent his voice for the next documentary from disney nature, Elephants at the 3. april on Disney +three days after she and Harry are outside of the official of the crown.

The channel disney nature made the announcement on Twitter today, when he writes: “‘Elephants’ from disney nature, a original movie, tells the story of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, begins, broadcast on 3. april, only in disney plus”

The cooperation of the ex-star of the series Suits with Disney, was to the benefit of the organization ” Elephants Without Borders, to renounce before the decision for Meghan and Prince Harry as senior members of the Royal family, which shall enter into force on the 31.

The new Disney movie will be a family of elephants, and his journey through the Kalahari desert in Africa. The trailer showed that “follows the extraordinary journey of a family in an adventure that will change your life”.

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Disney called today announced the documentary film Dolphin Reef with the off-voice of the Oscar winner, Natalie Portmanalso, the screen, the 3 comes.april.

Last year, Meghan and Harry attended the premiere in London, the new version of Disney’s the lion king. In the event, Harry had a short conversation with the ex-CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, to imply the rail had to align, the opportunity, and some of the work, the future for the ex-actress. “Know power, voices in off”, you can listen to Harry tell Iger to a video of the encounter. Iger, surprised, replies: “ah, I knew it,” before Harry, you seem to be more “surprised, she is really interested”. The former fat fish Disney responds: “We would like to try. This is a great idea”.

Meghan, 38 years old, was in conversation with Beyoncé next to Harry, while he accepted the offer.

Disney nature Walt Disney Studios produces documentary films about nature, and is often told by celebrities. Both Meryl Streep as Morgan Freeman have provided, the work of voice projects, and the gains achieved in the conservation organizations and wildlife.

Jane Goodall, with the help of Harry, a ratio of the vicinity, of the also has the voice-over for the documentary Born in China in the year 2017.

Harry concentrated a large part of his work in Africa. President of the Parks African and patron of the Rhino Conservation Botswana. Referred to him as “his second home”. Now also a special place in the heart of Meghan: that was where Harry fell in love with his future wife only a few weeks after we are in the year 2016.

Meghan and Harry and his son Archie, of is in may a year old, are living in Canada and looking for opportunities, labor disbursements for the solution to be more expensive life-style without the financial support of Queen Isabella II.