Midas is a spirit, Oro and his skeleton? The plot in Fortnite starts interesting to do


The plot was Fortnite is a very important Element. Somewhere, but after a few months, all gradually disappeared.

The action is accompanied by a Fortnite from the beginning. Although many people do not seems to be really behind their time, the theme is very fitting, it is that everything is very chaotic, but it scalało community and was the Basis for the subsequent activities.

In 12 of the season, the topic of MIDAS, and the entire Agency have introduced. Now it seems to happen at the end, with the arrival of Oro something starts.

As The Oro?

One of the users Reddita with Nick hecking immortal, created an interesting theory about who Oro and even MIDAS. It turns out that it might be one and the same Person.

Testify, has between the other scar, have both characters in the same place.

Jakl said, Midas is a part of the sentence “the revenge of king MIDAS,” while MIDAS with the “Golden spirit” . According to the words of the player Midas his spirit or soul. And Oro is his skeleton.

And what comes next? A good question, and no answer. Introduction Oro, however, some other events must take for themselves. We have already in the middle of the season and it is time to an event in the game. Do you still remember that something like that exists?

Unfortunately, at the Moment, in the files nothing is literally, which would indicate about each event. No revised course map, strange texture, etc was All in fact, or introduced, or has been waiting several weeks on his Moment.