Miley Cyrus morale Distracted: The artists give concerts via streaming


What happened?

The pandemic of the coronavirus forced to cancel concerts and festivals around the world, so that hundreds of artists without your shows and forced to stay at home. However, in spite of the hardship, several were and the singer used to follow to stay in your home, accompanied by their fans, this time virtually.

So it’s like the health crisis the door opened, concerts streamingwith the platforms and social networks where the artist is popular.

In this way, singers such as Fito Páez, Alejandro Sanz, Francisca Valenzuela, Cami, or Juanes, among other things, the streaming were used, in order to continue to deliver, please submit music to their fans, modality, yet to be replicated during these days.

The coming,

Check the concerts via streaming services, which are planned for the next few days:

  • Miley Cyrys – Wednesday, 25 March at 15:30 via Instagram
  • Pedro Aznar – Wednesday, 25 March at 22:00 by Facebook Live
  • Moral of Distracted – Wednesday, 25 March at 19 o’clock on Instagram Live
  • Pedro Piedra – Thursday, 26. March to 21:00 via Instagram, Live
  • Mala Rodríguez – Friday, 27 March at 16:00 via Instagram, Live
  • Get live! Memphis – Thursday 26 to Saturday 28. March 22 PM by Facebook
  • Metallica – Every Monday-released concerts, the old about your Youtube channel and page of Facebook

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