Miley Cyrus Witherspoon and discover during quarantine, lived in the same house


Miami, 25 meer (EFE).- The stars are him to a talk show of Miley Cyrus on Instagram, and reveals how you about the insulation, in some cases, volunteers against the coronavirus and some amazing secret, such as it this Wednesday with Reese Witherspoon.

While the participation of the actress, told in “Bright-Minded”, the daily program of Cyrus on Instagram, the artist, producer and business woman, someone who is happy in his house during this time, your little son, Tennessee, is “happy that his older brothers at home”.

Ava and Deacon, 20 and 16 years old, are the fruit of the marriage of Witherspoon, with her first husband, Ryan Phillippe. The small 7-he is the son of the actress and agent talent Jim Toth.

During their lively conversation, in which the fans could see, told their faces in a transfer of Instagram Live, the Actresses, the house, in the Madeline Martha Mackenzie, the character of Witherspoon in the HBO series “Big Little Lies lived”, is the same, where is the home of “Hannah Montana”, the Disney was-the series was Cyrus to star global.

“I knew I had seen the house,” said Witherspoon totally surprised with the detail, that the two stories develop in the same time.

“We assume they were companions at home,” said Cyrus before the excitement of your interviewed, the insured, that “there was an energy, the super Linda”.

Speaking of energy, the artist to such films as “Legally Blonde” and “Walk The Line”, he told the Oscar in the year 2006, also, that if you chose the role, what it was, “always think first of the audience”.

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“Who wants to see a movie that is depressing, in the end, everything goes wrong?”, he asked.

On the subject of how to be concerned, said the coronavirus, Witherspoon, who is now playing the lead role in the Hulu series “Little Fires Everywhere,” in which it divides, poster and production with Kerry Washington, that “now” goes well with the quarantine.

“I am patient with you, and you are patient with me, although I have to admit, we are still day-to-day 11,” said the star with reference to the fact that his kids all the time in the house.

He also called on the audience, in a business to buy, entrepreneurs whenever you can.

“If you have a favorite brand that you are a woman, go to the website and buy something, if in your budget. Many of these stores have suffered, the deletion of its orders and the los are wrong,” he said.

Witherspoon has just a brand of clothing and products for the home call Draper James.

The talk show host, Cyrus was a great success on the social network of photography, and now he has thousands of visualizations, thanks to its 105 million fans, to revive the melody, the quarantine by the coronavirus.

The current pandemic caused by this virus up to the time 413.467 infected people in the world and caused 18,433 June deaths, according to the latest data, managed by the world health organization (WHO).EFE


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