Not to sell more Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, make-up, because of the coronavirus


  • The impact of the coronavirus was let out to see, in all kinds of products, such as make-up from brands as popular as Jenner and Kardashian.

  • The effect of the coronavirus in the business was legally established.

  • The beauty industry is one of the most dynamic on the market, and their range was to understand finally, the value of brands.

The impact of the coronavirus in the operation of company has been seen in every type of business categoriesabout which a tendency of great value has been implemented, that will be implemented with the innovation in the decisions made and the communication measures.

It was found, more and more, now that the coronavirus is, this has been found to impact on consumers and the way this has, to react to the shops.

Nevertheless, it is important to see if the brands of make-up Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jennerhave closed their operations due to the coronavirus.

The coronavirus comes to the make-up

Kylie Cosmetics and NPP have closed their production as a preventive measure due to the coronavirus, and the impact of this pandemic in the population.

This means that the brands had to segment omnicanal of their business in the freeze and stop to sell their products, thanks to the effects that has managed the market, the spread of the pandemic, caused by the COVID-19, especially in California, one of the entities that have the most impact for the COVID-19 in the United States of America.

Said, it is worth to determine the interest have found, brands, development of guidelines, with which they determined were pandemic elements, such as the change to cope with their business models through the development of proposals, help,,, as in the case of Zara,, the decision, the development of white coats and covers the nozzles, while Louis Vuitton stepped up their production of perfumes, the of the gel-disinfectant.

The effects of coronavirus in the world

There is a series of numbers that is warned by them, mediated by Statista, in which, prior to that, what impact has this had coronavirus in the world.

The projection warns that up to 25 March, the impact of the coroanvirus the world had registered, and more from 423 thousand cases, positive COVID-19. Of these, more than 295 thousand cases, it was the active and 109 ml were in recovery.

In this list China as the second country with the largest number of cases of the coronavirus, while in Italy the third country with the highest number of positive cases of COVID-19.

The impact of the COVID-19 in the economy

A planned study that was held by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, as the opinion of the citizens about the impact that this has had the coronavirus in the economy. 9% found that this was very low, while 10% was of the opinion, under, and around 28 percent, the effective rate as moderate, and 33 percent rate their influence as high. Only 20 percent of the opinion that the impact was very high.

Within this tendency, it is important to see how divided the opinion on the effect of coronavirus in the economy.

The influence of the coronavirus in the market

The influence of the coronavirus has already been initiated and project in industries such as technology, where it is expected, according to MarketWatch, a number of brands, the technology is visibly affected by this pandemic.

The most important companies, which were projected, Agilent Technologies Inc, followed by Analog Devices, Ciena, Logitech, Marvell Technology, ON Semiconductor Corporation, and Qorvo, Inc.

In the case of Agilent Technologies Inc., the company warned, a reduction of us $ 50 million non-GAAP operating income, while Analog Devices has received an impact of 70 million us dollars.

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