Package tasks Rybobójcy in Fortnite is already available. Price and content


In Fortnite, a new record with Łybą has already performed in the main role.

According to the announcement, the game on all platforms, you can already buy a new set. He is not too outstanding, but Epic Games probably knows about it. In connection with this theme with added style and a backpack for 39 euros.

It is not a prohibitive price, but it seems that even Łybę buys relatively little people. A further advantage of the V are certainly Dolce in a simple way.

Package Tasks Rybobójcy

The package costs 39.99 $ and includes four elements:

  • Skina
  • Additional style for skina
  • Backpack
  • Problems

Whether it’s worth it? Of course, Skin, and V-Dolce-it’s cool, as it would not be. More unique of Łyby probably the backpack with a Baby is guns Version and machines. It looks pretty funny.

The package came, however, in not very good Moment for yourself. Most of the players faced a difficult choice. Or Łyba, or Oro. From the fact that you see, but many people choose Oro. Maybe it will have an impact on the popularity of the same Łyby, which is due to any time on the servers is a rarity?

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