Rihanna makes dollar-donation for the fight against the COVID-19

Rihanna is off wear from the focus of the public and his fans and asked that they seems to have new music from four years ago, and it is that the artist has the answers to your prayers, and again through the front door.

The name of the singer a trending topic is, after you announced the donation of five million dollars for the fight against the Covod-19. A lot of that donated in addition to the 700 billion dollars already, to breath, to buy protection devices for the sick.

Rihanna has made the donation through the Foundation, Clara Lionelfounded in the year 2012. In their press release explains that the money is for banks of food in the communities, risks, and the oldest in the United States, the acceleration of the tests and the attention in countries such as Haiti and Malawi, protective equipment for health professions in the first row, and laboratories, the diagnosis and the distribution of supplies, respiratory centers around the world.

A story that came to light just a few hours before the artist has met the wishes of their fans, then back to the music with an album on which he collaborated Pharrell Williams and his first song, the light in this night.