Rihanna returns today in the evening as the guest of honor in ‘Believe It’ party Nextdoor, co-author of ‘Work’ – jenesaispop.com


Party Nextdoor, canadian rapper, known for hits such as ‘Come and see Me’ or ‘LOYAL’, both published together with his countryman Drake, and the other a solo ‘Break from Toronto’, tonight their new album “party mobile’. And it is a much-anticipated presentation in the world of hip-hop, but also pop, since the comeback of Rihanna after three years.

On Twitter, chart data, reliable source for the music industry, published by the positions of the weekly Billboard in front of the portal, and is instantly on Twitter by artists such as Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, or Grimes, confirmed that the song of party Nextdoor with Rihanna, which is part of the “party mobile” carries the title “Believe It” and is the spokes-American week. Even rapper had already been shown to see a fragment of this song in the stories of Instagram, as you in the attached video below these lines. ‘Believe It’ is the first song from Rihanna since november 2017, when the light saw the the single by N. E. R. D. ‘Lemon’, which also was the guest of honor.

Interestingly, the professional relationship of Rihanna and party Nextdoor is way is not new: the rapper, the actual name Jahrson Braithwaite, is one of the leading authors (listed first in the credits on the Wikipedia-anglo-saxon) from ‘Work’, one of the largest macro hits the entire career of Rihanna, there is also a duet with Drake. Braithwaite is also the co-author of ‘Sex with Me’, one of the bonus tracks of ‘Anti’. While, plates -, reggae-Rihanna still no news.

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