Scarlett Johansson and Taron Egerton could be the main role in the remake


Taron Egerton (Image Playback)

The re-make of the classic The Little Shop of Horrors it seems to happen. In accordance with the Full Circle Films, Taron Egertonwho played in Rocketman, you are cited to interpret Seymour’s, one of the main protagonists of the film. In addition to it, Scarlett Johanssonthat, in short, comes out in theaters, with the film solo with the Black Widow, estrelaria the story in the role of Audrey.

On the side of the pair, Billy Porter, The (The Pose) is to give a voice to Audrey II, the carnivorous plant named Seymour, for the sake of your romantic interest.

The direction of the story through the Greg Berlanti (the producer of the arrow Verso, the co-Creator of the series, you and the Director With a love of His). To is already on the roadmap of the new feature, sign of By Matthew Robinson.

This is not the first time that The Little Shop of Horrors it receives a hard reset. The original movie was released in 1960 and directed Roger Cormanon the basis of a script that is signed by Charles B. Griffith. Already in 1986, the film won the second, had the under the guidance Frank Oz the script Howard Ashman. In this version, Rick Moranis a new life to Seymour, Ellen Greene, played by Audrey and Levi Stubbs lent his voice to The II.

The story follows Seymour Krelborn, an employee of the store in a small flower, Mushnik, standing in front of a lot of problems. But things begin to change when His shows in a very exotic plant for your head, and that he had given the name of Audrey II, in honor of a man who was a woman to whom he is in love. The mysterious plant, it begins to pull different customers. However, nothing is simple. Seymour could not even imagine that a man who is II, in fact, is meat. But the confrontation of the human with the strange plant that grows, just like you and your problems. His will is in the middle of the terror, after which he is forced by the people to serve the food.




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