Selena Gomez debuts video performance for ‘Dance Again’

Two months ago, Selena Gomez he made his triumphant return to the world of music with the premiere from ‘Rare‘your new hard drive where we see you are fully recovered and stronger than ever before, it is after it through the bitter moments.

One of the songs coolest ‘Rare‘it ‘isDance Again‘pace sticky invites us to our seats and let us carry by the music. Selena Gomez something special prepared for this song and just got a new one new video spectacular.

Selena Gomez the main role of the new video performance from ‘Dance Again‘a clip, where we see she is wearing a dress in beige silk and curly hair, while she dances with a lot of passion and joy on the empty stage with little light. The singer mentioned that he felt a little strange on the work of this MV in a time that is very difficult for the mankind.

But that’s not all, because in the description of the videothe singer revealed that a portion of the proceeds from the new line of goods in the official journal call ‘Dance Again‘will be donated to MusiCares to combat the pandemic coronavirus. Yass! If you want to help to find the cause of super cool goods here.

The fans of the singer showed their full support of this new and unexpected video and remember all the reasons why Sel makes you proud.

Look video from ‘Dance Again’ here: