Shakira declared fan of this singer, do you know who this is?

It seems the world on the head, but not. Shakira it is one of the most admired artists in the world, but she has a favorite singer and is a fan of many colleagues. So confessed a few days ago, when a great deal of attention in social networks to publish this message: “itI can’t take out this song from the head!”. The Colombian said Tututhe singer Camilo Echeverry Correa, that has a rhythm and a letter, very catchy. It quickly became viral and his country man remained without words, this is what you see in this video, he went on his topic. “This has to lie. I’m shocked. Ą Ą it means the whole universe for me!! One day, we together to make something. What I declare!”, he said excitedly.


Now you have in the last few days, Shakira a main role in a “time fan“with Camilo and has shared with her fans a photo that it shows. “¡¡¡Look who I am!!! @Camilo Musica,” she wrote next to the picture on it, hugged and could not stop smiling. “I don’t know if this kind of stuff to talk about… but I went in with a whimper, the ankle, and I couldn’t hold that… and you sat down next to me, put almohaditas under the leg, and it made me feel better… and now… this. @shakira”, wrote the Colombian in their nets caused a huge excitement among his fans. “You deserve it!”, “Boom!”, “I’m very proud of you”, “This is too much… congratulations!”, “Two great”, “I love it”, “everything you dream is reality,” or “I want to hear your song” are just some of the loving messages that you have been commanded. In fact, you can work to put together a theme. “whatYou read my mind?”, Shakira replied to a fan who asked if he would sing Tutu with Camilo. How to be a new version?

25 years, Camilo is one of the artists, latinos more of the time. Tutuhe interpreted together with the Puerto Ricans Pedro Capó (author of the theme Resta great success), has been exceeded, the 160.000.000 views on YouTube and excited fans from different corners of the world, you to stop tararearla has already. On the ground, sentimental, Camilo, you are in a relationship Evaluna Montanerthe daughter of singer and songwriter Ricardo Montaner, with the getting married at the beginning of next year. “I’m not a hundred percent sure,” said the actress and singer from venezuela, on the tv program Cortá of Lozano, where he is how you imagine your wedding: “I planned a long time ago, as the age of 14. I’ve always dreamed of, a dress… I have chosen Already. A designer that I love, which is called, Haley Paige, and I mixed two dresses,” she said excited.

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Shakira and Camilo of the agreed, the premiere show of the circus of the sun from Leo Messifound this Thursday evening at the Parc del Forum in Barcelona. It is an over-production inspired by the life of the FC Barcelona, and combines acrobatics and other amazing figures in connection with the style of football on the field of play. There will be many familiar faces came, like Martina Klein and Alex Corretja, Alfred Schmidt, Daniel Illescas, Manel Fuentes, Gemma Mengual, Paz Vega, don’t want to miss with your children, Xavier Sarda, Carlos Latre, Santi Millán, and Jordi Évole,… you: the big premiere of ‘Messi 10‘. In addition, the Colombian singer is the star was unexpected at the end of the show, as he began his song sound, The The Thewas the official anthem of the football world Cup in Brazil in 2014. “What a surprise, a pleasant“she wrote in their social networks, where he has to act several videos on the whole cast are on stage

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