Since the coronavirus, Geisy Arruda shows that the lack of sex


The vast majority of the world’s population is under quarantine because of the outbreak of a new Corona virusand Geisy Arruda it would not be different. In the model, is lonely and he decided to take advantage of the free time to answer questions from fans on the social network, the more revealing, the you missing, the sixth, and that he had a crisis of anxiety for the first time in my life.

“You are depressed by this… [the coronavirus]. I stopped watching tv, because a few days ago I had a crisis of fear, and I had to the medicine. Watch raw started all the time, it, me surtada,” he said.

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When asked about their favorite sex position, and you gave them that you feel abandoned, When I was done… My God, what a good time. Not for me, these are the questions that I get depressed’m, much of the time”.

Geisy has also commented on the action in the course of the years. “It is a type of: coffee, Breakfast, lunch and dinner, a three-times-a-day,” he said of the model, and in the middle of the laughter.

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