Study Shakira again, during the quarantine


In these days, where you don’t have time at home to almost anything: they teach the children in the training and habits, such as reading, watching movies, and even, again with the learning. It is exactly what you do, Shakira, will take advantage of these days of quarantine, notebook and pen, and go to school online. So, it has been shown, pique, has room engraved in your specific virtual class. But what is the Colombian learning? Nothing less than philosophy, as he is the athlete. “I’m a student of philosophy!” writes, a joke in addition, with an expression that qualifies as a “know-it-alls”.

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These days, the artists are encourage to be in contact with your loyal customers to comply with the recommendations, the decisions of the authorities and so prevent the increase of the infection of coronavirus. How to stay artists from around the world, the slowing down of Barranquilla, and your obligations at home. To see the beginning of this period of isolation had been, your new single, I likea theme, in collaboration with Anuel AA with latin rhythms and a video that has an Oriental touch in its aesthetics.

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The athletes are also in the middle of a break in the season. The bvb, together with other colleagues in the various challenges created by the networks, as the #10toqueschallenge, which consisted in giving taps on a roll of toilet paper. Now a variant has, at the time of assumed the same to do, but with the frame, a racket that can’t resist a bit of Pique, after he was nominated as a candidate for the tennis player Andrei Rublev,. “You’re a genius!”, so Shakira, as you see it.

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