Taylor Swift donated $3,000 dollars a fan was in the vicinity to lose their house


These times are due to the coronavirus, are just nothing for people. The economy of this stop, and industries are undergoing a moment is very complicated. All of this has caused, among many other things, a wave of unemployment, which has since, in a terrible situation for many people. One of them is called Holly Turner, photographer, musical and graphic designer, she was to lose Department. But it is a blow with the generosity of the winner of several Grammys, Taylor Swift was that he learned his story and gave him $3,000 dollars to help her spend these difficult times.

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

With this gesture, the round is started by a variety of media, and was shared by dozens of fans of the artist. And the truth is that it are not less. The gesture by Taylor Swift is really amazing. Holly Turner spoke to E! News that the singer you like this wool then see a publication from you on Tumblr, in the the defendant the impact that the coronavirus has been in the music industry, as well as the economy in General. What you are left with no work and in a vulnerable situation.

Holly’s speech, he moved to New York and worked as a photographer for independent music, if the pandemic coronavirus forced dozens of public events will pospusieran or would be cancelled completely. The problem for you is that without a job, could not pay the rent of your house. “To be able to would not stay in my apartment starting in may, if not for this”, he explained. “I spent my whole working life to the life in the city of New York, and I thought that was already done, and you saved me. So I’m very, very, very grateful”.

Tell, what excitement and gratitude of the orillaron to what happened to him, in social networks. Holly grabbed hold of his Twitter account and wrote: “I have a publication on Tumblr, as I was afraid of not be able to continue to live in New York by the, what is the coronavirus has done the music industry. Taylor Swift literally, without the help of others, was my ability to stay here. I can’t believe what I see”.

Now, thanks to Taylor Swift, Holly can, to be able to live their dream of living in New York and expect, if all that happens, take a photo of the singer and songwriter from Pennsylvania. “My bigger dream in the world, would be able to take shots of Taylor Swift”finished.



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