Taylor Swift is giving the money to his fans to help them through the crisis of coronavirus


Taylor Swift helps her fans

Taylor Swift was lifted several times by the dramas that have the get, but this time has to help this power to the people, by the coronavirus, and he is giving away money to his fans, so you better be in this crisis.

Even if you think that the coronavirus only affects the health … it is not so, it concerns also other sectors, and economic growth was one of the victims, as there is no activity in the works, at the falls had to the bags financial, that all of start.

What have donated some celebrities money to foundations and associations, to help people in difficult situations, and Taylor Swift have done directly with your fans.

On Tumblr the fans Taylorrecognize r that had written to him that their economic situation was not very good in this time and that “since the beginning of the pandemic in early March,” her work.

Because depending on the account, is a photographer and since coronavirus all events were canceled, and was able to find a new job. So she decided to write, Taylor Swift to see what was going on.

And, oh, surprise. Taylor Swift they paid 3 billion U.S. dollars. It all made people stay in awe, because not only that, it is revealed that the singer’s officers have contacted more fans through their networks, to ask where to put it down.

With this Taylor Swift continue to support people in situations of vulnerability, by the coronavirus COVID-19, because a few days ago, the people asked, the depositaran help the United Nations could, those who need it most.



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