The 4 films of the original series (the prize) to you, maratonar


In the last few years, Netflix won a little more space in the race for the prizes of the cinema. From the original production for the streaming service and they won in several categories at the academy awards, the Cannes film Festival, and much, much more. Check out what they were:

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The drama, directed by Alfonso Cuarón took three of the statuettes in the category of Best foreign language Film, Best Director and Best picture, and in the year 2019, at the latest. In addition to the Oscar, the film won in several categories at the Golden Globe awards, won a Golden lion, and won a number of awards.

The story takes place in Mexico city, Mexico, in the 1970s, and it shows the routine of a woman (Yalitza Aparicio), who has the care of a middle-class family as a nanny and housekeeper. Some of the events, the Transformation of the lives of the people in the house, and ultimately cause some changes in the relations among all of them.

Lazzaro Felice

The Italian Film, won the Best screenplay at the Cannes film Festival in the year 2018. The film tells the story of Lazzaro, a young man who is poor and a bit innocent, but with a heart that is very, very good. Lazzaro is operated by the family, and she continues to work intensively for the table owner of the property in which they live. After an event is unpredictable, the young man to live in the twenty-first century, and you don’t understand the logic of the world in which he lives. And so he wants to go back to the family, to go back to what it was before. In the Film, it’s a free read of the biblical story.

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The story of a marriage

In the film, written and directed by Noah Baumbach, Laura Dern led him to accept the award for best actress in a supporting role and a Golden Globe award for the portrayal of the lawyer for Nicole, the main character, played by Scarlett Johansson. The film tells the story of a man and a woman, the divorce, and to not employ lawyers, but Nicole changes her mind when we meet daughter-in-law Fanshaw (Laura Dern), a lawyer, to lose no circumstances. The pair is in a series of conflicts in the course of the story.

The Irlandës

The film was nominated in several categories at the academy awards, but in each of them. In other awards, won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Film and Best actor in a supporting role, and in the end, the Critics’ Choice Award in the category of Best ensemble Cast.

Despite this, the film is worth it, because I have a number of weight, with names such as Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, in addition, of course, were under the direction of Martin Scorsese. The plot tells the story of a war veteran, with the life of the truck, the hitman of the Mafia.


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