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The new products will be donated to prevent the spread of covid-19.

'You're from your hard-disk magic, it's the song that was playing Shakira in Viña del Mar, 1993).

The barranquillera has more than 10 perfumes, some of which are limited edition.



25. March 2020 , at 03:36.

On your account of Instagram, the Colombian-born Shakira is a series of photos announced that Puig, the company perfumery, has with several essences, is now making anti-bacterial instead of perfume.

This new initiative was the tendency of the round by several companies for the cooperation on the prevention of covid-19.

Puig is a family company in Barcelona, to take care of the manufacture of perfumes for brands such as Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne, Antonio Banderas, Prada, among others, and, of course, by Shakira.

In his publication of the social network, the singer wrote that she is “very proud of the effort that you put some companies in difficult times, such as Puig”.

“It is a great example of a social. I hope this inspires other companies to do the same,” added the artist, who told me that the anti-bacterial will be donated to the government of Spain.

Recently, Shakira released a video on your social networks, the consciousness of the world about the importance of social isolationto prevent the massive spread of the covid-19, the virus that thousands of victims in many countries.

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