The cuts come on The world, and in the room. For more than 30 laid-off


The award-winning Elenilce
and the executive editor Letícia Sorg You are among those who come

For Cristina Vaz de CarvalhoPublisher by J&co. on the river

At the beginning of the week, sorry for the print media: the newspaper fired him from his job with no mercy. Do not expect a formal press until the end-of-the-day-Tuesday and Wednesday (19/11), according to which, after all, was. The lists of those who have to leave-current in the groups in social networks is impossible to ignore. But how many people do not have it is not yet clear.

In addition to the executive editor Letícia Sorgmost of the sound is from the award-winning Elenilce Bottarithe publisher of a river, with carry-on baggage in the dust of the earth. Also, in the river come Antonio Werneck, The Gasparini and Download.

Culture and lifestyle have been Bernardo Araújosub-editor of the Second book, the well-known Nani Popularityin addition to the Fabiano Ristowin the same study, and Roberto Sobralthe add-in Show in the river. The Sport will Sanny Bertoldo, Carla’s Experiment, Cristina Massari and Gabriel de Oliveira.

The world’s neighborhoods decreases significantly. Add-ons in the USA, two times per week, such as the rio-Niterói bridge and the pass for the week. Come By Ana Marin, You Kalicheski, Elisa Torres, Maurício Peixoto, Patricia de Paula and Stefano Salles.

On the photo, you lose Fábio Guimarães and Mark Ramosand the classic Marcelo Carnaval. Of-the-art, from Not To Miss Another and Carol Stream. In the design, Thatiana Marceli, Lu Shore and It. The digital low Cláudio Nogueirafrom the cover, and Renné Rockof the video. Other sections to fill the professional, a couple of slots. In and out of the shower Thais Costain addition to the Nivaldo Hopeof the eu acquis.

The branch office in Brasilia, you’ll Jailton de Carvalhofrom country to country. The branch office in São Paulo Ana Paulaof the economy.

The Extra you lose Flavia Junqueira and Ana Paula Is An Event Thatand Roberto Dutraof the car. The award-winning Fábio Gusmão They work on special projects for the room.

In spite of the rumors about the termination of the service, it is sure that it is the most popular of the info Globo is not up to the end with go. It competes directly with the a Half-hour, the most successful title of the day in the state of Rio de janeiro. However, this is not for the magazine the time, with rumors of a stay, if only until the end of the year, it is the face of a brand. However, the news of his death has not been disproved.

After the Poder360, the journal of the science of Galileo, it will be all digital as of jan. The court would have reached the editor-in-chief Giuliana de Toledo and to all the staff of the arts.



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