The emotional reunion of Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment


To see after 10 years, Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment reencontraron and remembered their favorite moments Hannah Montana

In the midst of social isolation, Miley and Emily, their fans surprised with a reunion of the virtual, because it was by “Bright-Minded” to the interpreter, Hannah Montana, and after 10 long years.

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Miley and Emily took advantage of to show your cute Pets, to remind you about your most crazy moments on the set of Hannah Montana:

I remember the day, was much more, so that no one warned us that it would be, and were than 12 changes of costumes, and we all take a lot of pictures and so“ Emily Miley said, when she showed a photo of the both of the lights outfits from jeans game.

Miley also revealed that shortly before the start of filming for Hannah Montana, he lost several milk teeth, and her mother had to arrange, teeth, wrong Emily joked: “It seems that we go to Church

Miley and Emily continued to look at pictures, and there were so many that it was Emily, the reminder of some dates:

You have a reminder in real terms is that some of these photos? Me loose nights of sleep remember what year that was

Miley he added: “I remember this. It was the year that I believe that Hannah tried, the tutus and the peplums were“.

The fans are crazy with this mini-meet of Hannah Montana, what is the matter with you, what’s it to you?

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