The flirtation between Rihanna and Drake in social networks


Everything seemed to indicate that the interpreter of ‘One Dance’ had thousands of jokes to him RiRi-something that it is not you know escaped the attention of avid fans of what is happening between the two famous.

“Damn, the quarantine around the world bored not serious,” said a Twitter user, while others took advantage of the opportunity for Drake to say things like: “Rihanna makes love” in terms of the attention that she was with you in the chat.

Even though many Internet users Rihanna defends Drake said, “get away from her”, the pop star and entrepreneur handled the situation perfectly with a response, she was shocked, she replied: “As someone who him to Drake a little water”.

What you want to Rihanna say? What is to say that Drake is a need for you? Maybe never know.



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