The gesture of solidarity from Shakira: the company that produces its fragrance caught, alcohol gel

In full pandemic, there are certain products out there, the transformed first need for hygiene, to run the started. Worldwide, alcohol gel not be practically achieved and to reach the persons responsible for their preparation no time with the supply in all sectors. Although there are other methods to replace them -is the most effective, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and turns essential to a immediate protection, and in the step.

In the rooms you are selling food, for example, the health professionals, the police and the fire brigade, what you need to areas, in which constantly circulates people resguardas possible contagions. Crucial to comply with this rule for the propagation of the COVID-19. The missing is always critical.

Against the background that you live in Shakira and his partners decided to carry out a gesture has been applauded and recognized throughout the world. On your social networks, the Colombian singer said, stopped the manufacture of perfumes and directed for the infrastructure of the company, their bases in Spain, the production of alcohol in the gel. On the same side, stated, that the product is donated, to be left to the Spanish government to distribute, in a manner sorted, come first to the places where it is most needed.

From his home in Barcelona, where the social isolation, in addition to her partner, the footballer met Gerard Pique and their children, Sascha and Milanthe artists shared a series of photos in your Instagramthe social network has more than 6 million followers. There you can see the staff in the full manufacture of the medical device that is required by these days. On other images, be advised that the product is already Packed in its packaging, so that it then corresponds practically to the places determined by the government.

On the other hand, took time to write, warm words, which you can help and are trying, in this time, so complex: “I Am very proud of the positive efforts of the company in difficult times such as these. As my partner Puigthe factory of perfumes gifts for the manufacture of disinfectant for the hands, for the donation of the Spanish government. To do a great example of good social”.

The singer refers to Puig, a multi-national company of Catalan origin. For the manufacture of perfume, luxurious, as Carolina Herrera, Prada, Jean Paul Gaultierand some of the most famous have joined together to bring to market fragrances with her name on it. Thus, in 2008, his Association with the Colombian, with the establishment of its first line of perfumes, and extended to the present day began.

With this initiative, expresses and explains itself very committed to the cause. In the last few days, the messages you see are their networks for raising awareness and for the order, do not lower the arms, in this fight. The order from Europe, is that from this side of the world, the cases of there are taken as examples for not to repeat the vicissitudes product of delays in the decision-making process. “You must learn from the mistakes that we pay in the European countries where you came to late”.

In regards to your private the stages that use singers life away from to more of his philosophy courses. Enthusiastic and imbued, was his partner that he investigate online. “It is a know-it-alls”, was a phrase that I use pique as a joke.