The information and planning you can ensure a good ride at the carnival


Agepan advice on the care before and during the movement, ensuring a safe online experience and the quiet

Agepan advice on the care before and during the movement, ensuring a safe online experience and the calm, – (is this easy.)

The participants travel by bus to play in the carnival in the main cities of the Federal state of Mato Grosso do Sul, and the people who want to take advantage of the long weekend, to rest in other cities, has an eye for the care for an all-round should travel worry-free. The state Agency responsible for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan) features to note is a guide for travelers, especially against a car bumps.

To accept, to drive the supply of service and number of passengers in the vehicle, particularly the education system, a friend and a charter bus or mini is not allowed to coach, make you a risk for the passenger. And also in your travel, legal, planning and care before and during transportation can make the experience safer and more comfortable.

Before the trip

Tickets can only be purchased from carriers, statutory, or in rows, either in the Charter. Tickets must be purchased in the official points-of-sale, or electronic systems by the company. To find out the availability of the lines and the timetables, the user can also search in the web site, the Agepan on the link in the “research journey”.


Be aware of the rules for the carriage of Luggage,. There is a limit on the amount that each passenger check in the trunk and take them on Board. Note that the carriage of personal Luggage is in the bus the same as that of the carriage of cargo. This provides comfort to the user and the safety of the trip.

During festivals and holidays, like this one, tends toward the movement to increase to the terminals. It is important to know, to do the schedule for the games, it comes with the time, the shipment, and to ensure that the vehicle is to exit and you will reach the destination in the scheduled time.


The company and the carrier in the stand-alone you have to give you the free guaranteed by the law.

On the bus there are 2 places free of charge for the elderly; and, 2 armchairs, a person with a disability; and 2 arm-chairs, occupied available with 50% discount for senior citizens, which in the case of free seats already. In the mini-bus, 1 seat for free and 1 with 50% discount for seniors and 1 arm chair free to a person with a disability.


When traveling with a charter company tour, the passenger has also the transporters licensed by the Agepan. If this is the case, then the company can’t sell a ticket that cost, because the service is in a sealed package to a group. In order to confirm whether the company is on a regular basis, enough to demand that the carrier submit to the license of the travel, and the eventual/trip. On the Agency’s website, is it possible to have a full list of charter companies in operation.

The Safety Belt

Prior to departure, it is imperative to buckle up the safety belt. The equipment is a guarantee for a safe passage, not only for themselves but also for the other passengers.

Many of the travelers, not by public transport, with the same care that you have to travel by car. But the risk of injury or death in an accident with a truck and a bus is the same as for passenger cars. The vehicle has the wiring harness, in good condition and it is visibly placed on the upper side of the seat.

Those looking for the security tape, the escape of up to seven times more likely to be alive, in a car accident.


I have never been in an airline in secret. In addition to advising companies, the regular and charter on the Website of the Agepan, and the passenger, the driver may ask you to verify that the commitments have shown that it is logged on a stand-alone and paid for. If not, your trip is the collateral, which also constitute a safety risk.

The vehicles, performing in the subway can be seized by the public transport of passengers, and of the customs authorities of the Agepan seized.


Just-in-travel characteristic of the urban, the use of the bus to the urban-Laguna model (such as the bad effects/the city garden/Guia Lopes da, or Aquidauana/Anastacio), it is permissible for the passenger to be transported in a standing position. In the line farthest away you should sit. To sell if a company were you can buy a ticket on the capacity, and to go to the passenger to walk in a certain place, he should not accept it. Irregularities such as this, or others will be discovered by you need to be informed of the traveler.

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