The Kardashians see style disheveled, quarantined,

During this quarantine due to the outbreak and spread of the coronavirusthe whole world is locked in their houses, in some parts of the world bring days quarantine, and less in others but for all, it is of equal importance, they remain to avoid for a while in the house infections and, above all, keep our clean hands at any time.

Reality is that this virus is not different to no limit, yet on a social level, to them, proof that up to Prince charles positive COVID-19. However, international celebs take very seriously, as they day-to-day your journey through the quarantine in the social networks. Other famous bridge, in these days close to explain, with routines the following financial yearsor or meditation, but only a few have shown, as with all mortals, with the style tousled and which, on his sofa, as Kim Kardashian and the other girls of your clan.

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The most famous family of reality tv shows in America, has kept very well protected in their homes, and has done, it seems that the quarantine is not so difficult for them, because clearly, everyone would of luxury in a villa in Los Angeles.

The Kardashian in addition to a while, the looks of the haute couture, a good time will be shown in their villas and have, with your favorite pieces, the hoodies and pants are oversized.

With almost two meters of distance between the two, Kim, her mother Kris Jenner told about IGTV of the visit has made him recently. In the video, we can see that Kim was wearing a sweatshirt, black, signed Yeezy with them was very relaxed, just like her mother wore a Romper out of One Piece of the same color.

The eldest daughter of the clan, Kourtney also wore a very relaxed, strolled to Packed their pomeranians in their street and in their cute, with a range of sweatshirt Kids sea Ghosts and pants Sunday Service by Kanye West, both in neutral colours and more of a hairstyle and the lens is dark.

There is no doubt that this style ruffled inspired us for the weekend, so are we, because we are reminded, under the week and keep our routine without many changes. However, these tips from style relaxed us will be useful in those days of peace.

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