The solidary decision of Shakira in the middle of the crisis by coronavirus


March 26, 2020 at 2:53 PM

The barranquillera made the announcement on their social networks, by the famous a contribution in the fight against the Covid-19.

Apart from the fact that one of the singers, the Latin, the most famous in the whole world, Shakira is a successful business woman, who decided to now set aside, the production of perfume for a solidary cause. The Colombian revealed that the company, the fragrances stopped the production and allowed the use of their facilities for the processing of alcohol in the gel.

Let us remember that inputs of this type are essential to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is transmitted through the particles of the saliva of infected people. Through a video uploaded to Instagram, Shakira it was reported that the company donates in the manufacturing industry, based in Spain, the product, the government of this country for distribution.

In addition to the video, the interpreters, the photos shared by employees of the plant at work with the preparation of the alcohol-gel. In other snapshots, the product is estimated already finished ready for delivery to the authorities. The gesture Shakira is still praised for its millions of fans have left messages, thank you.

“I am very proud of the positive efforts of the company in difficult times such as these. As my partner Puig, turned them over to the factory of perfumes, the production of disinfectants for the hands, for the donation of the Spanish government. To do a great example of good social”, you wrote in your publication Shakiraremains in isolation in addition to Pique, and their two children.

Solidarity shines through

In times of uncertainty worldwide, a lot of the well-known are that your contributions. The action star Arnold Schwarzenegger donated a million dollars for a campaign on GoFundMe for Frontline Responders Fund. This Association was founded, the overburdened doctors, the with the inputs that are needed to combat the coronavirus COVID-19.

Something similar has, for its part, Kylie Jenner, has opted for a generous donation of 1 million us dollars, which will be used to purchase medical products for the protection of the emergency services.



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