There are thousands of employees that the CFP board reports that show you all the leaks in the law, labor, and corona viruses

You are already in the dozen and come from all over the country, from industry to industry, catering, transport and social area, past the shops, hotels and restaurants. In order to show how the work breaks the law every second day and go to go from a picture of a labour market weakened by the crisis that still has no end in sight. The mail-box of the CFP, the received in the past week, reports of attacks on workers ‘ rightse-mail (protected)) had dozens of cases have, on a daily basis, some of the hundreds of employees of the same company.

“Essentially, 90% of which is industrial action, be it dismissal, non-renewal of contracts, forced, vacation, Dismissal with the loss of income, change of job,” describes the PUBLIC John, in Celebration of the political Committee of the Central Committee of the PCP. On the other slice on it corresponds to the allegations, the speculation of the prices of or shortages in the public services such as health centres are closed, she said.

“We will not quantify in a position to the affected employees. In some cases, the employees are indicated in the figures, to report to the other, the situation” what is going on in the business, the account of the officer’s life. But John, in Celebration, he admits, that is, the many thousands of jobs are affected – have a nice, even cut.

On the question of the reliability of the case, the public over allegations that the government party by e-mail, João Frazão, says: “we will Ensure that the information published is correct and true. We do this screening for employees, the members of the party, the councils, the delegates of the trade Union, the newsletter, which is distributed internally in the company, and the documents that are sent out to the working class.

And what do we do now, with so many complaints? Show the public what is going on and put pressure on the government in the “immediate strengthening of human resources” of the authority for working conditions (ACT), to allow us to monitor the activities of companies and punish those who violate the law in the workplace. But it is also to show that it is in fact essential to, a ban on redundancies” during a pandemic.

“The government should create a Fund to guarantee the full payment of the workers, which are later taken into account in the budget that will be required to do so, points to John the Celebration. The CFP is, is such a proposal in the Parliament, with it can be “revocable, committed illegal and against the labour law, in the time of crisis”. That is, the workers will be able to challenge the later decisions, that they were forced to take now Employer – for example, by accepting the holiday under the threat of dismissal.

Also in the private social solidarity institutions, the secondment of staff to the house

The head of the Communist speech, and in the cases of mass-dismissals in the companies, partly with up to contracts and the day, you were one of the first to be affected by the use of their services have been made redundant, for example, in the temporary, you did service Management (Portugal), member of the Fillwork in the service of the DURA Automotive industry; all of the possibilities of the internet). Cycles (Bicycle, oldham athletic and in the Plasfil (130); the Kelly’s, in the Carl-Zeiss -; as also by the workers in the canteens of the primary schools in Sintra, portugal.

In the social sector have been identified, “many of the SECURITY, send the workers home with a loss of earnings, today’s holiday, DismissalSchedules, and prohibit the use of social support for the care of the children.”

John’s Feast reminds us, the extension of the probationary period in the legislature that passed it, on a level with those discharged with fixed-term contracts of traditional, and the false green receipts, so that companies that it. On you, not TAP you renewed fixed-term contracts is around one hundred workers and the Imprensa Nacional-Casa da moeda also bid farewell to their temporary nature.

The same happens with the chain stores of the team, Tiffosi, Lacoste, and the Like, a free print to the glass, and on the Portway (service to airports). The Delphi technique (Malaga) has suspended the employment contracts, as well as the Palace, the Chiado and the Carristur. Employees in the probationary period or end with a slash on the OK Sofa, multi food (about 300 people), and it is going to continue to come out to.

The laying on of the holiday bank hours

The other justification is the imposition of a vacation – something that is illegal, the labour law. In the list of companies that have been identified as having a tax holiday, or a bank of hours (the hours not worked up to now is taken into account, that the company later on), because they were switched off, the transactions, such as Intermarché in Lagos, Yom (consumer appliances, and furniture), Triumph (Aqua Portimão), Benetton, prenatal, restaurants, Mc Donald ‘ s of Aveiro, the network Decathlon (or, in some cases, the lay-off), Tezenis, the house, Piocher, to the hotels, Given the high number of Agueda, a network, the village, beach, Casino, Park Hotel group, Pestana, Madeira), the carrier in the Barraqueiro, the business of Vista Alegre, and receive only half of the salary at the end of the month). The whole plant, so Simoldes Plásticos (Oliveira de Azeméis), Fucoli (Mealhada), Bourbon Automotive Plastics (Marinha Grande), Jade (accessories and jewelry, Albergaria-a-Velha), Hutchinson tires (The Biggest, also to say goodbye to all the precarious work conditions). And yet, Essilor Portugal and the Renault Cacia, Bosch (Aveiro-portugal), Caetano Aeronautic, Gestamp (up-Selling), I.e. Metal (such as São João da Madeira) and is, Therefore, Sasal (Vouzela), Dan Cake, Tivoli Hotels, the companies of the wines, such as Port, Real Companhia Velha and Taylor’s.

Many others are Dismissalas for the struggling French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroen (city), Huff (Sheffield), Dura Automotive (Stores), Chaviarte (Gaia), shops, Saccoor, The Junior, hotel Corinthia, Lisbon, Exe, and freedom, in This letter, and the the Cliff Hotel and Resort (Algarve, portugal),Itau, and Gertal (both are in the restoration, especially the canteen), the Ibersol group (Burger King and PizzaHut, it is also proposed to reduce the time, up to 16 hours per week), Leganza (china, vila nova de Famalicão), Self-Viação Feirense Santa Maria da Feira), Acc Syst (S. João da Madeira, portugal), Mazur textiles (city), group, Aquino’s.

It is also a complaint of those who do not agree with the exemption for the care of the children, as Ansiel, or Service health care and social Affairs of the Union Bank of South and Islands (SBSI/SAMS). Or they worked in shifts, and a time of concentrated work are 12 hours, so as in the case of Celtejo, and the Navigator. The Alliance Healthcare business and the Cimpor/Sacopor changed in a unilateral manner for the time.

In connection with the transfer of employees to the home, where you are in the scheme of the value chain, there are companies that cut back on the ration, as in the case of the “Randstad” (which also work to reduce the premiums, it gave employees, who have to buy a computer, in order to be able to at home.

The lack of protection in the war and the drivers

In large outlets, such as on the continent, and a drop of Sweet “lack of hygienic materials, for the protection of workers, and it is reported on the centers of vehicle inspection, the room, Transtejo/Soflusa (in the case of those with the functions of the catch-cords), Amorim isolamentos (vendas Novas), Siderurgia Nacional (Seixal), and Kemet (Evora), the ” metro Sul do Tejo and the Metro do Porto in portugal, Centralcer, Scotturb, the road to Lisbon, Barraqueiro, the Canary Islands, have a safe trip, a contact-center of the Hospital da Luz.

The issue of hygiene was also to be divided in the halls for too many employees with no venting or ventilation, and the contributions, without cleaning the the call center of Teleperformance, the US, and I’m not. This, together with the complaints by truck drivers for the transportation of goods, the international service – in addition to the lack of personal protective equipment there are no toilet facilities along the roads and on the Portway (at the airport).

In the case of the complaints of the speculation on the prices, the places were those who could identify where the shades of cotton 202,95 Euro, were sold at 30,75 euros for five litres of gel hand sanitizer alcohol. Or, in the case of the alcohol gel for your hands on the 82 euro per liter.