“Timeline’ detailed drama between Taylor Swift and Kanye West


  • There is an open war between Kanye West and Taylor Swift since 2009, and, as we know, you are pretty lost in this thing we have here is the ‘timeline’, detailed, the whole drama.
  • The hidden messages from ‘The man’, the last single of the artist.

    Jobs, commander. Why? To unleash because it just again, the Cold war between Taylor Swift and Kanye Westwith an extra dose of drama appears to have had ten years after the first encounter. Yes, so much time has passed, so that we ‘timeline‘very detailed, not to miss, absolutely nothing.

    13. september 2009

    If we was to mark the date for the detonation of this ‘celebrity’ would be this: awards VMAs. Kanye West brings Taylor Swift-the statuette ” Best Video of the year, before you go on stage, through the mouth, that the singer deserves, on the contrary, that Beyoncé and ‘Single Ladies’.

    2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

    Kevin MazurGetty Images

    Okay, we more or less agree with this statement, but man, this is…

    Days later, Kanye West apologizes publicly, they accepted the apology, and everything is in order.


    The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage & Audience

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    Or so it seemed in this picture of the two posing together, or to deliver even if Kanye, a statuette of Taylor in the same prices musicals. This time without accusations and comments this person is better than you.

    2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Fixed Show

    Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

    Even the artist received a bouquet of flowers from Kanye! As a sign of peace, make sure it’s not…

    Taylor Swift with a bouquet of flowers


    11. February 2016

    You were bored with so much to smile, to fake photos? For a quiet, after the start of the the song ‘Famous’ by Kanye Westthe friendship between them again. We explain.

    Kanye West starts in this topic where one of the first lines it says:

    ‘I have the feeling that Taylor and I, we have sex.
    Why? I have known of this bitch.’

    Oops, what she said…

    Obviously, this had drama. The husband of Kim Kardashian assured that Taylor had given him permission to publish these letters. But to show the response of the ‘manager’ and the brother of the singer seem to be exactly the opposite…

    Jon Caramanica he said that Kanye called a consent, but to ask whether Taylor sponsor was able to order her new single on Twitter. ‘You said that you would not mean to him, and said, what, you throw a song with this message misogynist so strong. Taylor had no idea, the sentence ‘I Have made known this bitch”.

    And his brother, Austin Swiftwell , these shoes strip trash Yezzy, mark West.

    Days later, Taylor finally speaks, and in the form of Puglia bleeding-in a discourse, where do you get a Grammy.

    “As the first woman to have won two Grammys for Best Album of the year, I just want to say that, all young girls there are here, the people try to undermine your success and is to be awarded to the means for victory or glory. You can focus on your work and not let these people distract you.”

    June 2016

    What echabais of no one in this story? Of course! I Kim Kardashian! The wife of Kanye says for the first time the topic during an interview for the magazine GQ, defended the rapper, claiming that he is” called Taylor to ask for permission, and she admitted it, and confirmed the existence of a recording, the illegal, the conversation they held.

    Kim tells you what would happen:

    July 2016

    Of course, the thing is not to stay here, more drama starts to the topic, Kanye video clip of ‘Famous’, it is a picture of Taylor Swift Nude on the bed. Where was the, what is the peace? No one knows. Pss. The happy set is in minute 1:06, you to save, what to look for and the.

    In addition, it was exploded in July of 2016, the month all thanks to Kim Kardashian: you published your legendary tweet calls to queue Taylor and a few fragments Snapchat the above-mentioned recording in which Kanye and received the consent of his examiga for the song.

    After listening to this recording that Taylor Swift clearly says that it is good that Kanye with this verse in the song, it seems that it was found out, everything, isn’t it? For nothing. She says, Yes I knew of the existence of the phrase ‘I have the feeling that Taylor and I we could have sex”, but there is nothing about him to call Fox.

    August 2017

    The revenge by Taylor came a year later, in the form of the song ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and a video clip full of reproaches for those who do not play clean.

    By supuestísimo that the snakes can range from Kim Kardashian. Is more missing!

    2018 and 2019

    The next two years hostility was the public, and followed with the Cold war in the form of ‘likes’ on publications, the against other ‘celebrities’, who position themselves on one side or the other… Selena Gomez one of them was that, after the publication of the photos of Skims, the signing of the underwear of Kim Kardashian, then rose and the other with Taylor Swift. Clearly, it is the #team Taylor.

    Screenshot Instagram


    March 2020

    But what is happening now, after such a long time?!, you may ask. Simple: the filtering of the recording was completely out of the conversation, Taylor Swift and Kanye West in the year 2016 had. Which means, you start with the drama.

    Taylor maintains that she was not informed of the sentence ‘I’m famous in this bitch’, what is shown in this clip, and Kim has to say it always a long list of tweets, in a few words, of the subject, as the singer presented remained.

    “Taylor Swift has decided to return to the old fights, I find that very selfish in this moment, in the face of suffering, before which the millions of victims.”

    ‘A few days ago, he did not comment on the need to, and I’m actually kind of embarrassed to do it now. But to talk about because you more about this, I feel that I can respond no other choice but to, because she’s lying.”

    “It is clear, the only problem I had was in this context that Taylor lied about their publicist, who said that ‘Kanye he never called to ask for permission.’ You languages to teach. In any moment, no one has denied that the word “slut” has been used without your permission.”

    ‘When they spoke, the song was not fully completed. Although, as all can see, this is what you said, if the computer you said:”

    “He refused and warned him against the publication of a song with a message misogynist so strong’.
    The lie was never to bitch about the word. Always went, when there’s a call or not, and the tone of the conversation.”

    ‘Never I have the video (another lie): only, I have a few pieces in Snapchat for you, what was you speak to. The entire video was filtering, not least, the narrative changes.”

    We will report, because we are sure that much of the drama comes!



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