VIDEO Imitadora Shakira is a robot, the surprise on Instagram


The singer Shakira was surprised to find a video on Instagram of a imitadora robot.

The interpreter Colombian was on loan, once you can see the unique imitadora dance perfectly in one of his hits called “The bike“.

So that such material was the work of the same artist, about their stories of Instagram, the individual steps that the robot makes, the tempo of the theme “The bike“in addition to played by the star in collaboration Carlos Vives.

And is that the singer has become an avid user more actively in this social network, Instagram.

The wife of the Spanish football player Gerard Pique and the father of her two sons Milan and Sasha.

Yes, things that I don’t see thought, Carlos Vives”.

You Shakira, could be of interest to cycles close… or just too impractical

Apparently, the video Shakira showed on Instagram was posted by one of the fans of the singer, who found the material, where the robot is in, what seems, a few convention technology.

The interpreter soon, the super Bowl, in addition to Jennifer Lopez the recording shared with the surprised their fans.

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It is worth noting that in this topic “The bike“he’s their fans fell in love with the duet to the Colombian singer now, that cooperation was an interpretation very sticky colocandola in the dearest audience.


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On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the account Instagram the famous artist is currently almost 60 million fans approaching to the platform.

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In your personal account, we see some of the images, the parts of the star together with his sons, Sascha and Milan, as well as some pictures with your partner Gerard Piqué.

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On the other hand, the singer is Shakira has decided to renew, so you decided to change your look and leave you behind the bright hue of their wicks, the interpreter,”Anthology“he dismissed entice the blonde.



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