Your reaction to the filtration of video of Kanye West


The war is on the internet again, after the phone call had full Kanye West with Taylor Swiftwhere told about the intentions of the he it in his song ” Famous. The full video revealed that Taylor Swift was telling the truth, in all these years.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian rose pieces of the videos on the internet to exit, Taylor Swift liars, and to ensure that you knew that Kanye West would sing: “I got this bitch famous” song. The reality is that the rapper is never specific to Taylor that he will call you “Fox” and that is what she has defended all the time.

Given the filtration of the call, Taylor Swift, all eyes were determined, in its response, the attention wanted to take advantage on what is really important. This is what he had in his stories of Instagram: “Instead of answers to those who shows me any questions about the video, which has been filtered, that I told the truth all the time on this call” the singer begins.

Taylor, the call, to which she refers is defined: “You know that was illegally recorded and someone edited and manipulated to pass me, me, my family and my fans through hell for four years” and includes “Push you, to see what really matters” asked the singer. The link you wore to give the organization Feeding America, which helps, food, people without resources in the country.

In your next story wrote: “The world health organization and Feeding America were in any of the organizations that I donate. If you have the opportunity, please join my during this crisis” and again the link where you can donate for these partnerships.

Taylor Swift was very focused on the fans comply with the quarantine of the coronavirus and help them through the world. So you put in his stories. She is out of quarantine in your home and for the moment, she had to be cancel, your procedure galas prices that you have seen, moved from the COVID-19, but the dates of their tour, the European and American still intact.



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