Agepan interrupts the process, it is possible to change the annual tariff for the carriage of passengers

State Agency responsible for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan)

State Agency responsible for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan) – (image: File)

The process of the Annual adjustment of the tariffs for the Transport Service, Intercity carriage of Mato Grosso do Sul, the from 1. April, it will be exposed to, depending on the state of emergency caused by a pandemic, the “corona-virus”. The Public consultation on this topic opened with the State Agency for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan), the duration of the contributions ends at the end of the day, 27/3, is cancelled.

According to the chief executive officer of the Agency, Youssif Sunday, even if the rules of the service, the recovery rate at this time of year, it is the exceptional situation of the state, the nation and the world needs to sleep. “In a time in which all citizens are greatly affected and the government and utility companies seek to mitigate the impact of the cost of the services to the public in General, is undisputed is the need for the suspension of the process.

According to the survey carried out for the economic area of the Department of transport, roads and ports, the prices of the official, published by the IBGE show that in the last twelve months (February, 2019-January 2020) to-date equivalent to 4.19%, and this percentage was considered in the adjustment of the value of the coefficient on the tariff on the lines of the structural funds, the regional specificity of the urban places. The data are included in the Technical rules, and the contributions to the Public consultation from the 12. March. “We’re clearing the query, and re-scheduled in April. With this, you will not be the application for a change in the tariffs,” he said to the chief during his early years.

The operations of the road transport is the intercity cars in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, are temporarily paralyzed. The action was as a function of the sharp decline in demand, the adopted restrictions, the municipalities in relation to the use of the terminal, and the access to the city, and the measures to be taken by the company to the security and safety of their employees and users.

The Agepan you have to be informed in a permanent manner, with the conveyor operating conditions and changes. Passengers who already bought tickets will be able to search for the company with a later date, the postponement of the trip when it’s over. It is also possible to, for a refund of the amount paid, if the journey is no longer of interest.

The System

The system of inter-county currently has about 130 lines, which is operated. by 24 companies, and 60 service providers self-assembled into a two co-ops)They are about 600 trips per day.

The state government is building a first master Plan of transportation on the road aims to provide a modern and sufficient for the provision of the service to current needs and the development of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

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