Banks with a drink in the climate Team of the darkness, and the spirit with Fortnite

Yesterday, the drinks in climates showed Fortnite. Community different tastes liked Siorba to go that they decided to strike.

Yesterday, the concept of various beverages has been Fortnite in climates. The players this idea appealed so much that there are regular offers. Among them, by the way, the fields with the label Teams from Fortnite.

The choice, of course, the darkness, or the spirit, in accordance with the theme of the 12 seasons in the game.

Banks teams from Fortnite

A Bank, of course, dark, and, in the opinion of the author, should have a taste of Coca-Cola. And the other light is the taste of mint.

You look really great. They are difficult to distinguish from what is in the rule in the shops. In the course of time, something similar happened in LoLu. A few years ago, it was possible to see the opening of special Codes, the gifts RPki – currency of League of Legends. Then powracano until then, a couple of times, during the promotion never came up in Polish.

Interesting, of course, the action in the V Dollars in the banks, or, for example, some of the skin, or a special hoe-as is the case with minty.would be